February 3, 2009

My nephew

Most of you know that I am expecting my first every nephew! Needless to say I am very excited. I am also very excited because my very dear friend Andrea is expecting her first child also a month after my nephew should be here. I plan on making the two babies great friends. :)

I wanted to share some things about my future nephew. My sister was kind enough to email everyone pics of the baby so here he is. They haven't decided on a name yet and honestly even if they had, I doubt they would tell anyone. Keeping it fresh, that's their style.


[caption id="attachment_94" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="My nephew!"]My nephew![/caption]

And the theme for his room is going to be monkeys! Which I think is really cute! I'm sure his room will be adorable because my sister has great taste! Here are some of the monkeys he has already accumulated.

[caption id="attachment_95" align="alignnone" width="449" caption="Monkeys"]Monkeys[/caption]

I can't wait for all the babies to get here! This upcoming spring and summer are filled with so many exciting things that I will get to be a part of and I can't wait! It makes me so thankful for everything and everyone I have in my life! I hope the summer and spring bring you wonderful things as well.


  1. I love the monkey theme! What a creative idea!

  2. The baby's room is going to be SO cute! I am also excited about all the upcoming events! I'm so glad we get to experience all this together!


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