November 29, 2009

Stock the Shelter 2009

There is nothing that makes people want to give like the holiday season!! There are so many organizations and wonderful causes to give to and so many people in need. But sometimes we forget the furry guys! And they are in need too! Well my bestie Jamie and my other bestie Rachel team up to help them out.

One day Jamie decided she wanted to do something to help out the all furry animals who don't have a loving, warm home with wonderful humans to feed them, so she and Rachel came up with Stock the Shelter.

Stock the Shelter is a donation drive that benefits Northwest Arkansas Animal Shelter. I think it's a wonderful way to make some furbabies very happy. So please if you are looking for a wonderful cause to donate to consider Stock the Shelter. There are so many ways you can help out.

If you live in the Northwest Arkansas area Jamie or Rachel will come pick up your donation. Don't live in the area but still want to help out, no worries, contact the girls and they can tell you how to donate to directly to the shelter. So get out and give a little this holiday season whether it be your time or money, every little bit helps. And even if Stock the Shelter isn't your cup of tea, spread the word it will be greatly appreciated! Here's a list of items the shelter is always in need of, along with a way to contact Jamie or Rachel!

The donation drive ends December 23 so you have plenty of time.

Call Rachel at (479) 871-2138 or Jamie at (479) 234-2740 for more information, to arrange for pick up or if you have any questions.

Here's a list of items they're in need of:
Pet Beds
Cat Litter
Cat Food (Dry and/or wet)
Dog Food (Dry and/or wet)
Pet Shampoo
Dog & Cat Toys
Brushes & Combs
Laundry Detergent
Stainless Steel Bowls
Flea Treatment Products
Pet Carriers
Office Supplies
Paper Towels
Dish Soap
Aluminum cans (by the bag)
Shredded Paper

November 18, 2009

Sorry it's a long one

Since the holidays are fast approaching (hello, Thanksgiving next week) and thus a new year right around the corner. So naturally I started thinking about New Year's resolutions. AND this coming year and from here on out I plan on doing something different, more on that in a minute. Right now I want to tell you how I arrived at point right here, right now, writing this blog post. Okay, here we go.

In thinking about New Year's resolutions, I remembered once upon a time (I think I was 15, so about 10 years ago) that I wrote out a list of "Things to Do In My Life". And I know I had kept it because I remembered seeing it about a year ago. Soooooo, I started digging in my boxes upon boxes of pictures and letters and random other items I have felt the need to keep over the years and finally found it. But it's what I didn't expect to find that made me want to write this post. Of course it was in the second to last box I looked in, so I had the chance to look at all kinds of old college and high school pictures and letters! Oh what a good time I had just laughing and smiling all by myself on the floor of the bedroom as I was flooded with memories. And then, then, as I continued to read letters, I started to cry, I cried and cried and cried. It was truly the strangest thing and as I write this I can feel my eyes starting to water. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I was crying. Then, it hit me. I missed being myself. Now let me explain as some of you might be thinking that I missed the old me, I guess in a way I did, but not in the way that I wanted to go back in time. I missed remembering who I was/am. Still confused? I've been so overwhelmed with the fact that I don't have a job, own a house, etc. I've been so worried for the last few years about the complete WRONG things. I was sad because I was able to become the person I am, in the place where I'm at with the help of most of these people, these people who are just memories for the most part now. These people were all I had at one point and somehow, even with all the moments they helped make in my life, I managed to let my relationship with them fall to way side.

Now at this point you might be thinking we all do that Jonnie, it's just something that happens. Well I'm not okay with that....not anymore. I want to make sure that everybody who means/meant something to me knows it and they know it as often as I can tell them. I will no longer be consumed with the things that won't matter when I leave this world! I will from this day on make an effort to be the best me I can be and part of that is constantly remembering where I can from and those who helped shape me! Sorry, I feel like this is a common issue for me, but this time it really hit me, because I just spend the last twenty minutes on the floor crying like it's nobodies business. We'll continue this conversation at a later point.

Okay, now that all that's out, I want to share my list with you go:
  • See New York at Christmas time
  • Be a size six (hahah...this makes me laugh, why did I care at 15?)
  • Take up yoga/kickboxing (I've done it, but I wouldn't say I've taken it up)
  • Learn to dance
  • Go to San Franciso
  • Be a mother
  • Marry the man of my dreams
  • Participate in a life changing experience (I love it, isn't everything life changing?)
  • Volunteer my time
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Learn to speak Thai
  • Study Astrology
  • Own a St. Bernard (I really don't have this desire anymore)
  • Visit Thailand
  • Meet my Grandma (my mom's mom) (sadly she died before I ever got to do this)
  • Learn Sign Language
  • Go on a cruise
  • Run in a marathon
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Have ice cream with my little brother
  • Have a day with my real dad
  • Watch a meteor shower
  • Graduate from college with honors (I'm just glad I finished)
  • Take up photography
  • Study aboard in Spain (I missed out on this one too)
Many of these things I still want to accomplish in life and there is much more to add to it. Instead of making New Year's resolutions I plan to just add to my list through out the year and as I accomplish them I will mark them whole life just became a New Year's resolution.

I feel like all this was so random, oh well! Happy Thursday.

November 17, 2009

Two things

First, I joined a women's bible study group at church and I'm so pumped! I truly cannot wait to see what is in store. I'll keep you posted.

And two, go here and read'll be so glad you did!

Tomorrow marks the middle of the week. Making home that much closer for me! Wooohooo.

November 16, 2009

A lot of randomness

I sold something on Craigslist today! first time, but now I have the dilemma of the person picking it up. Now granted I'm pretty sure is in the coast guard, but I'm still leery of one, having a stranger come over to my house and two I would be here by myself (plus dogs of course) because Jake is out of town all week. Just meet in a public place to make the exchange you say. Wonderful idea, except it's a rug we sold and it's too big to fit in my car or for me to pick up by myself!!!!!!!!!!! No worries, I will be safe. I think we all learned about Stranger, Danger a long time ago.

In three days....count 'em, 1-2-3. I will be in the wonderful state of ARKANSAS!!!!!! I don't count today nor the day I will be leaving, so that makes 3. And I can't wait!!

And finally I watch Glee, religiously. I think this makes me a Gleek. I love it. There is no better combination than singing and dancing in one place. Besides they pick great songs! And I particularly LOOOOOVE this one and so I'm sharing it. Enjoy and feel free to dance around, I do. Happy Monday.

November 15, 2009

So this is Christmas

Okay, it's not Christmas yet, but my house seems to think so! Since we will be gone the week of Thanksgiving, I had to get the house all Christmas ready for when we returned. Jonnie, why not just decorate when you get back you ask. Well I can't because we will have our very first house guests in town!!!!!! Our good friends from Little Rock, Keli and Abram are coming to visit. So we'll be busy with a fun-filled week and an Arkansas vs. LSU game. (Wooooooo Pig Sooooiie)

I don't mind having to decorate early because I LOVE CHRISTMAS as does my very best friend Jamie. In fact if I were in Fayetteville right now, our time together would be spent riding around singing Christmas songs very LOUDLY and watching Christmas movies. Oh and we would convince our other best friend Rachel that she totally needs to put up her baby tree!

One day I hope to have a HUGE 7 foot tree! A girl can dream, right?! Anyways...I hope you are all preparing for the next best holiday Thanksgiving! I love this day also, just not quite as much. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food induced coma in the middle of the day and Jake and I have a standing tradition of going bowling! We love it, we always invite others to go, but for some reason it always ends up just being us. It's so much fun, because there are only 2 or 3 other groups there! This is something we plan on making a Thanksgiving family tradition! Do you have a special Thanksgiving tradition? I'd love to hear about it. Hope you all have a great Monday oh and hop on over to Sunshinemeg's and give her some love, she is officially a married woman! Congrats again Sunshinemeg.

Pardon the baby gates. Plato won't stay out of the fireplace and we haven't found a fireplace screen we like yet. We also use one to keep them in the kitchen while we clean. AND I need to find stocking hangers.

It's nothing special but it's ours! Didn't mean for the broom to make it in the pic.

November 11, 2009


Contentment Prayer:

Lord, help me to be grateful for what I have, to remember that I don't need most of what I want, and that joy is found in simplicity and generosity.

Enough by Adam Hamilton

Happy Wednesday!

November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I was so proud of my homemade costume this year!!! It cost me less than $5 and about 20 minutes to make and I got a lot of compliments. I felt SOOOOOO special for some reason. Which today makes me laugh because it's just a silly Halloween costume, but it was a fun night none the less.

Jake and I went out to Frenchmen St. with some co-workers of his and had the BEST time. The place was packed from one side to the other. Honestly I had no idea what to expect (mainly because I'm not a fan of crowds) but it truly was a sight to see and a fun time. People everywhere having fun dressed up in random costumes.

Tonight I'm enjoying my extra hour and leaving you all with a photo of my homemade costume. Enjoy!