November 16, 2009

A lot of randomness

I sold something on Craigslist today! first time, but now I have the dilemma of the person picking it up. Now granted I'm pretty sure is in the coast guard, but I'm still leery of one, having a stranger come over to my house and two I would be here by myself (plus dogs of course) because Jake is out of town all week. Just meet in a public place to make the exchange you say. Wonderful idea, except it's a rug we sold and it's too big to fit in my car or for me to pick up by myself!!!!!!!!!!! No worries, I will be safe. I think we all learned about Stranger, Danger a long time ago.

In three days....count 'em, 1-2-3. I will be in the wonderful state of ARKANSAS!!!!!! I don't count today nor the day I will be leaving, so that makes 3. And I can't wait!!

And finally I watch Glee, religiously. I think this makes me a Gleek. I love it. There is no better combination than singing and dancing in one place. Besides they pick great songs! And I particularly LOOOOOVE this one and so I'm sharing it. Enjoy and feel free to dance around, I do. Happy Monday.

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