February 10, 2015

Sometimes I Crack Myself Up!

My work bestie sent me this article "3 Changes to Your Morning Routine That Will Drastically Improve Your Day." We currently already do #1, Have That Coffee Meeting First Thing. A couple weeks ago we were bored and so we scheduled a "work meeting" and went to the coffee shop to catch up on life/work/boys and have coffee and donuts. It was fun and so we decided to do that weekly and we have loved it. I also realized shortly after we started doing that that I LOVE morning breakfast meetings. They energize me and I feel I can conquer the day afterwards. 

Since I realized that #1 was pretty spot on, I decided to try #2 as well - Listen to a Podcast While You Wake Up. So while I was getting ready for the day I perused the itunes podcasts and came across one that caught my eye called "Plz Advise" featuring Molly McAleer. Let me just tell you, it's only Tuesday and already I find this to be the best decision I've made all week. IT. IS. HILARIOUS. I highly recommend you start from episode one. 

Here I am with my Tuesday off to a grand start and then I remembered I needed to email J. Crew Factory about my v-neck I ordered that had a hole in it upon the first wearing. Which I'm going to consider right in line with #3 of the above article, Create Something. In this case, an email.  I'm feeling pretty good about life this morning and so I drafted the following compliant: 

--Original Message--
Date: 2/10/2015 10:28:18 AM

To: contactus@jcrewfactory.com
Subject: Compliant: V-Neck Tee

Dearest J. Crew Factory: 

I was very excited to receive my new vintage surplus colored v-neck tee last week. You see, I recently put in my two weeks notice at my job and have been passing the time by online shopping. I had just ordered some all black high top chucks that I thought would look splendid with this new v-neck tee I ordered from you. (Which it did. While it did not impress the gentleman I was hoping to impress - he ended up drunkenly leaving with some chick who apparently he is now considering dating (I wish them the best, really) - I did get a wonderful compliment, "You are the prettiest girl at this party!" Tell me that wouldn't make you feel pretty darn good about yourself (thank you well-fitted v-neck tee). 

You need this background information so you can imagine how sad I was towards the end of the evening, no, not because of the dude and the chick, but because I noticed that there was a hole in my newly purchased, and only worn for the very first time v-neck tee at the seem (is that how you spell seem? It can't be..) of the V. 

To make matters worse later that weekend I was walking from coffee with my bestie and you'll never believe who I look up and see walking towards us! Yup, the dude and the chick! SERIOUSLY, Universe? My new shirt is ruined AND this happens? The Universe has a strange sense of humor.  

Anyways... I expect quality products from J. Crew and J. Crew Factory as that is typically what I receive. I'm hoping you will help me resolve this issue (not the broken heart I have about the dude - which will pass by the way) by replacing my vintage surplus colored v-neck tee. I've attached two photos to this email for you to review. My order number is #1077551213. While I won't get the new v-neck in on time to prance around in it for Mardi Gras, I do appreciate your time and consideration in regards to this compliant. 

Signed a loving, loyal costumer (who is still single), 

Jonnie L. Honse

This email made me chuckle. I figured if I must complain I could at least do it with some humor. I wanted patiently and 24 minutes later received the following response: 

J.Crew Factory

to me
Hello Jonnie,
I'm sorry that the tee had a hole in it the first time you wore it; I'm happy to help.  I attempted to refund your MasterCard but was unable to authorized it.  Please add an alternate credit card to your online registered account then reply with the last four digits and I'll gladly process your refund.

I'll also be glad to place a reorder for you; just reply with the last 4 digits and expiration date of your purchasing card along with your shipping address.  If it's more convenient, please place your order online, choose overnight shipping then reply with your order number; I'll gladly honor the original price paid and waive your shipping on either option.  Maybe the new one will bring better luck. 

If I’m not available, one of my teammates will be glad to assist.  We look forward to hearing back from you.

J.Crew Factory Customer Service

While not the reaction I was hoping for. I was happy at the small acknowledgement of "Maybe the new one will bring better luck." Thanks, Adria, I hope it does too! 

I know, I know, You're now thinking to yourself... TELL US MORE ABOUT THE DUDE! I would, really, but I'm trying not to think about it so I'll save that whole story for another day. 

Now, while I decide if I should order the same colored v-neck tee or a new color (for better luck, of course) you should go schedule a coffee/breakfast meeting and start listening to that Podcast. 


June 30, 2014

Over thinking it

I've learned something very valuable about myself - I can be an over thinker. I OBSESS about things sometimes to the point that it almost consumes every waking thought. Yes, currently, I am doing just this.

I'm over thinking my purpose in life.

Remember the dreamy Canadian I told you about over at Change Heroes? Well, I did more research and found an old blog and started reading various posts and kept reading and reading and reading. People, it's OUT OF CONTROL. I'm so far over the fact that he's dreamy and now I'm onto the fact that he's amazing and doing incredible things and I want to join his team and be a part of the incredible.

I keep asking myself the question "am I a nut, or am I a nut follower?" Let me explain. Over at Idea Village they tell you to trust your crazy ideas - which I love. But I once heard founder, Tim Williamson ask this question, "are you a nut or a nut follower?" Nuts are those people who trust their crazy ideas and work to make them reality. Nut followers are those people who believe in the nuts and help them make that reality happen. Both are equally important, but I have this driving desire to figure out what I am! I think I want to be a nut, but perhaps I'm a nut follower! I DON'T KNOW.

What do you think you are? Or do you even care?

In unrelated news, the freedom that has come from giving up a car is both wonderful and extremely sweaty. Maybe next time I can give up a car in the fall and not the middle of summer in New Orleans.

June 26, 2014


Today I was inspired.

It happens from time to time, but not at the level that it did today. Today, I met Taylor Conroy, founder of Change Heroes. Not only was he dreamy, but his message was awe-inspiring. Taylor was the keynote speaker at the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy and therefore we learned about fundraising. Specifically, peer to peer fundraising in the most innovative and beautiful way. Well, I won't do it justice by trying to explain it here so just be sure to go check out their website, http://www.changeheroes.com, then come back and let's build a school together. (No, seriously.)Did I mention he was Canadian? Because he is, which only added to the dreamy factor.

Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for Taylor my morning session was rescheduled so I wanted to chat him up. We grabbed some breakfast beverages and while I was excited to get to speak to him I must admit, I. WAS. LAME. Let me explain...

At one point in our conversation Taylor asked me, "How can I help you with your life mission?" Ummmmmmm... excuse me. Insert blank stare here. With no idea of what my life mission is, I do what I am great at doing. I deflected! Then I moved the conversation along to asking him if he could give me any piece of advice at all what would it be (please note I've given him absolutely nothing to work with here. NOTHING. Yeah, just tell me something dude, anything. Did I mention how lame I was?)? He easily responded with, "Quit what you're doing and go do something awesome." Then Robert Fogarty showed up and that was the end of it. I didn't save myself from lameness, but I did walk away with so many thoughts in my head (and I'm not just talking about how do I get this guy to marry me.)

Seriously, two things changed the whole course of my day, well, three. His keynote speech, and then his question followed by his advice. So all day today I've been thinking and thinking and thinking. I'm still thinking! Yes, I'm thinking about what awesome thing would I do if I could and what I think my current life mission is. I'll get back to you (and Taylor) on both. In the meantime, how would you answer the question, "How can I help you with your life mission?"

June 21, 2014

Oh, well, hello...

Oh, well, hello there. Long time no see. Almost two years to be exact.


Time flies!

I have had a strong desire to "bring back" my blog. Mainly because a lot is/has changed in my life and I would like to have a way to document it. Yes, I realize they make these things called journals, but then I would get all upset if my friends read my journal. Here I can edit my life and it's still readable to my friends (and complete strangers).

In two years MANY things have changed and I no longer feel like the current name of my blog is appropriate so that will need to change as well.

I'll sleep on it and get back to you. I'm pretty pumped to blog regularly again! Hip, hip, hooray!

October 22, 2012

Wow! I have a blog...

Today, as I was googling myself (don't act like you don't do it), I was reminded that I created a blog! WHAT?! I completely forgot this blog existed. How sad is that?

I liked this blog, it was a great release for me when I first moved to New Orleans. Although, I realized that my grammar was (still is) awful. ::long sigh:: Somethings just never change.

I think I will consider regularly updating this blog again...we'll see. If I do, the name must change, mainly because I have.

Stay tuned and we can all see what happens.

April 10, 2010


They seriously for a moment change my life! I just watched Julie and Julia and it make me realize that I've neglected my blog. It also make me realize that I too love to eat.

Another notable movie that changed my life.....The Notebook.

What are some of your favorite movies. You know, the ones that for those few moments after wards you truly feel that so many things are possible!? Or is that just me, I do realize I am a HUGE dork!

Happy Saturday!

March 17, 2010

Just another reason why I love my sister

Please refer to this post. Then see below.

On your "About Me" I am just a person who wants to make a different now matter how small. Need to take the "w" out of "now" Love ya, Sis.

Uh....thanks! Love you too Sissy! :)

Also did any one notice it should be difference? There you have it world, me with all my grammatical splendor. Next up I will incorrectly multiple numbers.

March 10, 2010

My acceptance speech

I always like imagine the acceptance speech I would make if I ever won a big award, like an Oscar, or possibly a blog award!

(Shocked face).....there are honestly no words to describe how I feel right now! I want to thank the Academy, or Jamie at Jamie Unscripted and Jennifer at Dave and Jennifer Holland, for everything! I couldn't have done it without your support and being two of the five people who read my blog regularly. I feel like I owe a lot to my roots and where I grew up (Mena shout out)!

(Que tears) You have no idea how this award will change my life, how much it means to me. It makes all the hard work, blogging, seem worth it! So thank you, thank you for thinking of me. Thank you for the Sunshine Award! As all things good in life, you should pass them on......and so I will.

So thank you (drum roll, please)

1. Lauren at Under Construction - for always providing wisdom AND laughter.
2. Beautiful sister at Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - well basically thanks for being my sister, but also for posting pictures regularly of the most handsome baby in the WORLD. They always bring a smile to my face!
3. Ana at Knock Off Wood - your amazing and awesome!
4. The Pilot's Wife - L.o.v.e her blog!
5. Janie at How I got out of $26,000 of debt - you're hard work is inspiring.
6. Rachel at Rachel Sloan Photography - I love your love for furbabies.

Ok it was supposed to be 12, but hey I made it halfway. Thanks for the award Jamie and Jennifer!

What brings you joy lately? For me it's that this weekend is Daylight Savings. Massive amounts of sunshine here I come!

March 8, 2010

Bad Habits

We all have them. I have a plethora! And one of them is not spell checking my emails! This should be a big no, no. I mean they even made it easy and gave you a spell check button! Oh I use it, but once I see all is clear I usually throw it in drive and race down the road to the next venture.

But guess what? If you tell someone you would like an imagine or two to use for an announcement, they may or may not know what you are talking about. Image that? (HA, get it?) That magic button may catch grammatical errors and misspelled words, but it doesn't catch nonsense! And apparently I'm full of nonsense. Lesson learned........REREAD your stinking emails Jonnie!

I love this kid!

No, really, I do. I show his picture to everyone I meet! He's the apple of my eye, even from hundreds of miles away! I can't wait to squeeze his sweet cheeks and then kiss 'em!