June 30, 2014

Over thinking it

I've learned something very valuable about myself - I can be an over thinker. I OBSESS about things sometimes to the point that it almost consumes every waking thought. Yes, currently, I am doing just this.

I'm over thinking my purpose in life.

Remember the dreamy Canadian I told you about over at Change Heroes? Well, I did more research and found an old blog and started reading various posts and kept reading and reading and reading. People, it's OUT OF CONTROL. I'm so far over the fact that he's dreamy and now I'm onto the fact that he's amazing and doing incredible things and I want to join his team and be a part of the incredible.

I keep asking myself the question "am I a nut, or am I a nut follower?" Let me explain. Over at Idea Village they tell you to trust your crazy ideas - which I love. But I once heard founder, Tim Williamson ask this question, "are you a nut or a nut follower?" Nuts are those people who trust their crazy ideas and work to make them reality. Nut followers are those people who believe in the nuts and help them make that reality happen. Both are equally important, but I have this driving desire to figure out what I am! I think I want to be a nut, but perhaps I'm a nut follower! I DON'T KNOW.

What do you think you are? Or do you even care?

In unrelated news, the freedom that has come from giving up a car is both wonderful and extremely sweaty. Maybe next time I can give up a car in the fall and not the middle of summer in New Orleans.

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