August 24, 2009

Every little thing

It seems like lately I've been thinking of everything. I mean everything random that is.

For instance, today I thought about all the students going back to school and then I thought of all my years of going back to school. I think about all the good times and bad that came with each year and I briefly thought of how I would like to be going back to school too. Note the keyword, briefly. But I think a part of me will always want the feeling of the first day of school and all the things that lead up to it and that come from it. New school supplies and books, new friends and teachers. But I'm sure the feeling will pass and then I'll be glad I don't have a paper due next week, or that group member who can never meet, or those surprise quizzes.

But to all of you teachers and students who are going back to school, I hope it's a wonderful year and good luck!

August 17, 2009

and now the rest of the story....

So the talk went well. I told Jake that when he was ready sometime that day that I would like to talk to him about something I think is very important. And the result is that I have a plan and a HUGE weight lifting off my shoulders. It's truly amazing.

Okay moving on. I have a recipe to share. I found it in "Family Circle" April 1, 2009 magazine. And really I'm sharing it because my friend Jamie LOVES tortellini as much as me and so I think she will enjoy this and so will you. It's very simple and super fast.


3 cups vegetable broth
3 cups water
1/2 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning (in a packet)
1 package (9 oz) cheese-filled tortellini
3 large carrots, peeled and sliced into coins
3 ribs of celery, thinly sliced
3/4 pounds ripe plum tomatoes (about 4), seeded and chopped
1 bag (6 oz) of baby spinach
Grated Parmesan cheese (optional)

1. In large post, bring broth, water and Italian seasoning to boil. Add tortellini and simmer for 3 mins. Add carrots and celery and simmer additional 4 mins. Stir in tomatoes and spinach ans simmer 2 more mins or until veggies are tender. Serve with Parmesan cheese.

Okay so here's somethings I did different. First off, I accidentally poured in the entire package of Italian seasoning which was (according to the package) 8 1/8 teaspoon servings. However I just added more broth and water and it still turned out wonderful. Because there's no meat, I used a bigger portion of tortellini's. And I used canned tomatoes (the garlic, oregano, and basil seasoned ones). I also added some chopped white onions. I hope you'll give it a try and if you add anything that you feel makes it better....please let me know so I can try it. Sorry by the way that I don't have a picture (I bet you could google it).

Moving on.

I made some curtains for the window that line both sides of our front door. We are trying to save on the electric bill and the light would be blinding in the afternoon once we got home. So here's a before:

And here's an after:

Jake picked the fabric and I didn't like it when we were in the store, but he let's me win on so many things that I thought it was more than time for him to win one. And I had to tell him that once they were up I absolutely loved them! He did a great job.

And lastly, I made up a mantra for that strange? I felt like I needed one for when life throws me curve balls. So I'm sharing it with you and hoping your shares yours with me, if you have one.

I am young, smart, successful, and financially stable.
I read somewhere that even if your aren't these things currently (financially stable), you should still say it as if it is in the present. Because you want these things to happen now, not in the future. NOW! :)

Happy Monday!

August 15, 2009 did you find me?

That question is not true, debt didn't find me, I found it. How? By not truly knowing the value of money. I love you mom and dad, but I can honestly say you didn't help me out in this department. SO, why are my thoughts on debt at this particular moment?

I recently moved to New Orleans with my boyfriend for his job. Which is great, EXCEPT I currently still do not have a job (we've been here a month and a half) and I still have a mountain of student loan and credit card bills to pay. THEN I found inspiration.

Her name: Janie

Her blog: Janie out of debt

Why she's inspiring: Well just read the blog and you'll see. Janie decided to take control of her debt and pay it off before she got married. I relate to this because this is exactly what I want to do. I don't want to come to the next chapter of my life only to bring baggage for my wonderful (hopefully) future husband Jake. Money is a huge part of divorce in this country and I want to give my marriage ever fighting chance!

So if you feel overwhelmed, like you have no clue where to start, or just that you need to know that you can do it, please head over to her website and get inspired like I did. Yesterday I went out and bought a $1 notebook and started answering the questions she presents at the end of each post. Then I wrote down all my debt and today, well today I'm gonna come clean with Jake about it so that he can know I am working on our future. Wish me luck, I'll let you know how it goes!

Happy Saturday!

August 5, 2009

Good stuff

So I love to read blogs! I'm sure most of you do too, hence the reason you are here! :) Well I have a few good ones for you to check out if you're interested.

1. I love to cook. Correction: I love to try to cook. I dream of having really elaborate dinner parties for my friends, but since all my friends currently live in another state (the greatest state in the U. S. of A.) I have to settle for cooking for myself and Jake. And so I've recently found some fun recipe blogs, here are some of my favorites.

2. I have no fashion sense.....NONE. Never have and hopefully will someday! This lack of fashion sense goes both with clothes and home decor. However to make-up for my lack of fashion sense I have great friends!

3. Sometimes I feel like God reminds me just when he needs to of his unending love for me. Lately I've been trying to be positive about the job search and move, but it's been hard. I have been praying lately for God to open my eyes and ears to his presence and let me hear and see his love more. And today I read this post. I read this blog off and on (it's Kelly's dad from Kelly's Korner) and it was just what I think I needed.....a reminder! Enjoy.

And let me leave you with a picture of a lady who is in love with a very little man!

August 3, 2009

Giveaway...and it's a good one.

Hello all, just wanted to let you know about an awesome giveaway over at Classroom Confessions. Just click on the picture below.You should check it out, you never know it might be your lucky month. I would say day, but hey if you're going to be lucky might as well make it a whole month! Hope your Monday was great.

August 1, 2009

Thank you and a question

Thanks all you people who read my blog!!!! I now feel like this.......

I hope to make my blog much more enjoyable for you all.


Today Jake and I bought curtains for our bedroom, which we got for a good deal at
JCPenny. We're kinda doing a room makeover. Which is nice. I should have taken a before pic! Whoops. I'll take one tomorrow. BUT my question is when you hang curtains, do they need to hang all the way to the ground (carpet)? I ask this because ours do not and I bought the longest curtains I could find, in the store at least? I don't mind if I'm domestically incorrect at the moment but I would like to get it right at some point. So let me know! Thanks friends.

OH!!! Also I went to a TWO story Target today!!! Needless to say I was super EXCITED. They have escalators to the second story AND an escalator for your CART! Sorry for all the random cap letters but I was seriously amazed. In fact I may go back tomorrow!