August 1, 2009

Thank you and a question

Thanks all you people who read my blog!!!! I now feel like this.......

I hope to make my blog much more enjoyable for you all.


Today Jake and I bought curtains for our bedroom, which we got for a good deal at
JCPenny. We're kinda doing a room makeover. Which is nice. I should have taken a before pic! Whoops. I'll take one tomorrow. BUT my question is when you hang curtains, do they need to hang all the way to the ground (carpet)? I ask this because ours do not and I bought the longest curtains I could find, in the store at least? I don't mind if I'm domestically incorrect at the moment but I would like to get it right at some point. So let me know! Thanks friends.

OH!!! Also I went to a TWO story Target today!!! Needless to say I was super EXCITED. They have escalators to the second story AND an escalator for your CART! Sorry for all the random cap letters but I was seriously amazed. In fact I may go back tomorrow!


  1. Isn't the escalator for your carts insane? The first time I put a cart on there, I watched it nervously afraid it would go crashing back down.

    Curtains don't need to touch the carpet, I don't think. We have some that just cover the windo itself. Works good for us. Think it just depends on your style.

    Happy day to you! Love your blog background, but I am partial to sunshines.. = )

  2. Does the window go all the way to the floor? If not, then your curtains don't have to either. That's the rule of thumb I use, at least!

    Super envious of your 2-story Target!!

  3. I don't think curtains have to go all the way to the floor, either! I agree with your other peeps.

  4. A Target with 2 stories? What?!!! That sounds awesome. I believe the top of most windows are 84" off the ground. I think...


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