August 5, 2009

Good stuff

So I love to read blogs! I'm sure most of you do too, hence the reason you are here! :) Well I have a few good ones for you to check out if you're interested.

1. I love to cook. Correction: I love to try to cook. I dream of having really elaborate dinner parties for my friends, but since all my friends currently live in another state (the greatest state in the U. S. of A.) I have to settle for cooking for myself and Jake. And so I've recently found some fun recipe blogs, here are some of my favorites.

2. I have no fashion sense.....NONE. Never have and hopefully will someday! This lack of fashion sense goes both with clothes and home decor. However to make-up for my lack of fashion sense I have great friends!

3. Sometimes I feel like God reminds me just when he needs to of his unending love for me. Lately I've been trying to be positive about the job search and move, but it's been hard. I have been praying lately for God to open my eyes and ears to his presence and let me hear and see his love more. And today I read this post. I read this blog off and on (it's Kelly's dad from Kelly's Korner) and it was just what I think I needed.....a reminder! Enjoy.

And let me leave you with a picture of a lady who is in love with a very little man!


  1. Awww, how perfect! Love the picture. You look like one happy aunt.

  2. Congrats on being an aunt!! And thanks for the blog tips, I'm always looking for a new read!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! :-) We're gonna have you dressing like a diva in no time.

    PS: I love the pic too!

  4. Hi! I'm pleased to see that my blog is one of your new favorites! yippee! :-) I have never seen lickthebowl so I'm on my way to check it out!

  5. You should check out:

    Awesome recipes!


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