August 24, 2009

Every little thing

It seems like lately I've been thinking of everything. I mean everything random that is.

For instance, today I thought about all the students going back to school and then I thought of all my years of going back to school. I think about all the good times and bad that came with each year and I briefly thought of how I would like to be going back to school too. Note the keyword, briefly. But I think a part of me will always want the feeling of the first day of school and all the things that lead up to it and that come from it. New school supplies and books, new friends and teachers. But I'm sure the feeling will pass and then I'll be glad I don't have a paper due next week, or that group member who can never meet, or those surprise quizzes.

But to all of you teachers and students who are going back to school, I hope it's a wonderful year and good luck!


  1. Being a teacher is the greatest! We still get that first day thrill but we're the ones making the assignments and giving the tests =)

  2. I did not love school, but I do LOVE school supplies. I usually buy some new notepads and pens at this time of year. Target has fun recycled notebooks and stuff. :)


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