October 29, 2009

This is for my friend Brianna!

I just found out my friend Bri, from high school, reads my blog! Yay for me. That makes me happy. However, she also said she gets bummed when she checks it to see that I haven't made a new post. So Bri, this new post is for you. I know the feeling, I often check some of my regular blogs a million times a day to see if they have new post. Can we say I need a job?

I've come to realize that although I really enjoy the flexibility of subbing......sometimes, I want to rip my hair out. I mean come on people, I wasn't born yesterday nor was I born a million years ago. I haven't even had my ten year reunion. Yet, somehow these kids, I'll call them that because although some of them may be 18 they sure don't act like it, think I'm Stupid with a capital S. Here is some of my day.

Uh, Miss.......Miss.......uh, Miss.......what's your name again? This happens literally a million and one times a day. Know that I write it on the board as big as I can.

Student: Hey teacher what's your name?
Me: It's on the board.
Student: Oh Ms. Horse?
Me: Cute, but that's not an r.
Student: Really?
I look at the white board to realize that someone has changed my n into an r. Clever, no really. Like I've never heard that one before.

I REALLY need to go to the bathroom. All day everyday I hear this at school.

We don't do it that way. I usually answer with, "really, well lucky for you I like to try new things." I find that it really annoys them and I get to smile for a brief moment.

Can I please go to my locker, the gym, the library, where ever else they can think of. And then I say, "Let's play a game. What do you think I'm going to say?" HINT it will probably be NO.

Honestly I can't remember being this way to a substitute teacher. My regular teacher, sure, that person knew me, but not the sub. Maybe I was like that. But I like to remember myself as the girl who really did have to go to the bathroom, or really did forget her notebook in her locker. :)

All in all, I can say that this chance to substitute teach is a blessing because I get to see the sweetest most well behaved children and young adults as well as the horrible, can't even stand to think about reading ones. And it makes me all the more thankful to the teachers that are out there everyday making a brighter future out of them. I'm thankful for the parents who ARE involved and because of that have children who WANT to learn and grow into productive people. And I'm even thankful for the children that can be mean, horrible, and rotten because I know that one day they can be a better, stronger person. When it comes down too it I have learned to really value education.

Oh and I just found out that Jake won Hornet's tickets.............woooohoooo. First home game of the season and we get to go! Pictures to follow.

October 21, 2009

Just a few things

Hello blog friends. I only have a few things to share and a question or two.

First things first. I want to share a very important adult lesson I learned. ALWAYS carry cash. If not, this could happen to you. You finish a day of substitute teaching in a suburb you've never been too, you eagerly get in your car ready to see your puppies and change clothes. You turn on your GPS only to realize that it sucks and you may never get home. It finally comes on and leads you towards home, as you take the right to the bridge as your faithful GPS tells you, you realize that there is a toll ahead and no place to turn around. Why do you need to turn around? Because you DON'T have any change or cash to pay the toll. Too late, you're stuck, yup stuck. (Thanks GPS for the heads up.) You pray that some miracle will happen and the person in front of you is feeling gracious enough to pay for the car behind them or that the tollbooth person is feeling extremely nice today..........NOPE! Neither of those fantasies comes true, but what does happen is the very NOT nice tollbooth lady makes you feel stupid and looks at you like you should know better. THEN she tells you that she will have to make all the other booths stop letting people through for a moment so you can turn around. So lesson learned always carry cash!

Now for seconds. I joined a league this week where I get to play basketball every Monday, which I'm very excited about since once upon a time I only lived to play basketball. Now heading to the gym on Monday I had all kinds of thoughts, what if I really suck now, or make a fool out of myself? Worse, what if I pass out from being so out of shape??????? Instead this happened, I didn't suck, well at least not as much as I imagined and I actually found a crossover jump shot that would have been nice to have back in the day. I didn't pass out, but I did feel like puking a time or two. Once the game was over I could tell two things, one, this is going to be fun, two, I may not ever be able to move again. I was sore yesterday but I honestly feel like I can't move at all today. So lesson learned.....it's much harder the day after the next day!

And lastly, at what point do you finally stop getting pimples and/or zits? I mean seriously, what do you have to look forward to in aging if you will forever have to live with these horrors!? Is this a problem for anyone else or were you all blessed with great skin!

Happy Wednesday!!

October 13, 2009

Sometimes I need to remind myself

We've all made New Year's resolutions only to let them fall by the wayside a month or two later. Sure there are some we've kept strong for 3 or 4 months, but yes, them they too fall. And of course there are the few, the very, very few that we accomplish and doesn't that make you feel GREAT!

Well recently I've made some goals for myself that are life changing and important, so in hopes of them NOT turning out like many of my past New Year's resolutions I'm beating my attitude to the finish line! I can sense when I'm starting to digress from the path I want to be on, only recently did I discover this sense. But now that I know it, there's no way I'm letting it get the best of me. What I'm a doing to stop it before it gets into full swing?Lists.

I have made two note cards regarding my two most current goals. The first one is labels "5 Reasons I Won't Spend Money". This really wasn't an issue for a while, but now that I'm getting a paycheck again I'm starting to see my old ways. AND the holidays DON'T help because I want to buy decorations or spend more than I allotted for my Christmas budget, because my sister HAS to have this or that. So here are my 5 reasons:

1. I love my future husband (Jake) and want great things for us.
2. I have self-control (I know I do, it's just believing it).
3. There are BILLS to pay (yup, there always are).
4. I have dreams to achieve.
5. I want to see the people I love (you know who you are).

My second note card is in regards to my running. I was doing so well and then I had to go and tell the world about it! Now in my somewhat defense, it has been raining in New Orleans like crazy. Yup, everyday it seems like exactly at 3:00 pm the rain starts. It wouldn't be a big deal but since I needed to make note card #1 I am forgoing a gym and running outside to save money. So here are my "5 Reasons to Work Out":

1. I want to be healthy for my children (my future children and I want to be healthy when I decide to have children as well).
2. I plan on running a 5k.
3. I would love to feel comfortable again with myself (it's a wonderful feeling to not feel self concise in the clothes you are wearing).
4. Two piece swimsuit (that's all I'm saying on that one).
5. I want to be my best me (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).

So there you have it. The plan is to carry these around with my the first on in my wallet taped to my debit card and the second one just actually in my house by the front door. When I get my debit card out to buy something I'll see my list and hopefully think twice about if it's a need or want. When I get home I'll see my card and decide if just feeling "lazy" today is a good enough reason. Let's see how it goes, I'll keep you posted. Have a great Wednesday!

October 8, 2009

I enjoyed this and hope you do too!

Happy Friday!

Sorry it won't let me embed it, but I promise you want to watch THIS!!!

October 5, 2009

Public school adventures

Subbing in New Orleans Public School's is certainly a job, but one that I have been enjoying. It was my second time to sub for this 2nd grade class. I was called in halfway through the day because the original sub failed to show up or call. (Rude). So I get there grab my class from the class next door and as the kiddos are walking in a little girl walks up to me and says.....

"Your hair looks SOOOOOOOO much better than the other day!!! I really like it."

I gave her my sincere thanks and silently thought to myself. "I didn't realized my hair looked sooooo bad the other day." :)

Same class, same day, but later that afternoon, I took a poll about what kind of candy Ms. Honse should pass out at her house for Halloween. The winner was definitely Twix. When we were done a little boy in the front raised his hand and said, "but I don't know where you live!" I thought it was the cutest thing.

I can say wholeheartedly that teachers have a hard job, sure they get the summers off if they want them and a good amount of time off for Christmas and Thanksgiving but that's because they DESERVE it. I can honestly say that from the few days I've subbed. I mean I am exhausted when I get home.

Also did you know that itunes songs are now $1.29?????? When did that happen? Slowly there are less and less things you can get for a dollar! :(

Happy Monday.

October 1, 2009

Me likey!

Sorry for the short absence. I have been substitute teaching!! And let me tell you, it's so hard being the sub! I mean I can't personally say that I gave any of my substitute teachers a hard time but I sure do remember some high school boys who did. I have been thinking about getting my teacher certification and I thought getting a taste of what I could possibly be doing wouldn't be a bad idea. Now in New Orleans the school system is strange to me. I grew up in a town where you had one type of school. Public school, and it worked out great for me! Now my boyfriend also went to public school in Little Rock and is a big advocate of public schools, but I'm starting to learn that it really just depends on the place you are living! I have been subbing at public schools so far, but I plan on having a taste of some charter schools and of course private schools. I'm sure they will all be very different and I want to see if I might be able to find a place at any of them!

Moving on.....

I LOVE GLEE! For someone with no cable I sure do find enough time to watch my shows online!! Thank you Internet! If you haven't seen Glee, you must watch it! Especially if you like musicals! (As I do). And a quick note about Grey's. First off, I'm sad to no longer get to have a girls night. Kinda hard to do when you don't have any girlfriends that live in the same town as you. Second, although I did think the season premier was good I think I felt that way just for the fact that I was excited it was back on. I'm much more excited to see Private Practice!

Cast of Glee

Cast of Private Practice

And finally.

I am going to run a 5K. Over at Janie out of Debt I'm participating in the last 100 days of the year and it made me think that I should also do something meaningful with my last 100 days of 2009 (besides getting my financial life in order)! So I thought the best thing I could do for myself is get back in a state of good health! I am using the couch to 5K program (you can find it online here). I like it because it eases you into it. I didn't want to say anything until I had proven to myself that I would stick to it. So I figured if I could get through the first week and start on the second that that was a sign of future success. (At least based on my previous attempts). I haven't picked my 5K yet and I might not actually run it until next year, it all just depends on what I can find that fits my schedule. I will make sure to let you know how my progress goes! But now you know so I am now webcountable. He he.
OH! And did you see that Jon Gosselin is halting production of Kate plus 8. I'm sure he's pissed that they wanted to give Kate her own show. Now look, when I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 I was always on Jon's side, I mean sure he was just being lazy sometimes, but I felt like Kate was so overbearing. NOW it's a whole different story. The man is acting like a 20 year old and I can't stand it! Anyways, the article also said he has halted going through with the divorce for the time being. You can find it here.