October 1, 2009

Me likey!

Sorry for the short absence. I have been substitute teaching!! And let me tell you, it's so hard being the sub! I mean I can't personally say that I gave any of my substitute teachers a hard time but I sure do remember some high school boys who did. I have been thinking about getting my teacher certification and I thought getting a taste of what I could possibly be doing wouldn't be a bad idea. Now in New Orleans the school system is strange to me. I grew up in a town where you had one type of school. Public school, and it worked out great for me! Now my boyfriend also went to public school in Little Rock and is a big advocate of public schools, but I'm starting to learn that it really just depends on the place you are living! I have been subbing at public schools so far, but I plan on having a taste of some charter schools and of course private schools. I'm sure they will all be very different and I want to see if I might be able to find a place at any of them!

Moving on.....

I LOVE GLEE! For someone with no cable I sure do find enough time to watch my shows online!! Thank you Internet! If you haven't seen Glee, you must watch it! Especially if you like musicals! (As I do). And a quick note about Grey's. First off, I'm sad to no longer get to have a girls night. Kinda hard to do when you don't have any girlfriends that live in the same town as you. Second, although I did think the season premier was good I think I felt that way just for the fact that I was excited it was back on. I'm much more excited to see Private Practice!

Cast of Glee

Cast of Private Practice

And finally.

I am going to run a 5K. Over at Janie out of Debt I'm participating in the last 100 days of the year and it made me think that I should also do something meaningful with my last 100 days of 2009 (besides getting my financial life in order)! So I thought the best thing I could do for myself is get back in a state of good health! I am using the couch to 5K program (you can find it online here). I like it because it eases you into it. I didn't want to say anything until I had proven to myself that I would stick to it. So I figured if I could get through the first week and start on the second that that was a sign of future success. (At least based on my previous attempts). I haven't picked my 5K yet and I might not actually run it until next year, it all just depends on what I can find that fits my schedule. I will make sure to let you know how my progress goes! But now you know so I am now webcountable. He he.
OH! And did you see that Jon Gosselin is halting production of Kate plus 8. I'm sure he's pissed that they wanted to give Kate her own show. Now look, when I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 I was always on Jon's side, I mean sure he was just being lazy sometimes, but I felt like Kate was so overbearing. NOW it's a whole different story. The man is acting like a 20 year old and I can't stand it! Anyways, the article also said he has halted going through with the divorce for the time being. You can find it here.


  1. I'm doing C25K as well. Go us! I really want to run a 5K but it will probably be next year also.

  2. What a big fat jerko. Lay off Jon. And bite me. :)

    I love you friend! I miss Grey's at Gray's. It was so much fun!

  3. I didn't know you were subbing! That's awesome. I bet you will have a ton of good stories.


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