October 5, 2009

Public school adventures

Subbing in New Orleans Public School's is certainly a job, but one that I have been enjoying. It was my second time to sub for this 2nd grade class. I was called in halfway through the day because the original sub failed to show up or call. (Rude). So I get there grab my class from the class next door and as the kiddos are walking in a little girl walks up to me and says.....

"Your hair looks SOOOOOOOO much better than the other day!!! I really like it."

I gave her my sincere thanks and silently thought to myself. "I didn't realized my hair looked sooooo bad the other day." :)

Same class, same day, but later that afternoon, I took a poll about what kind of candy Ms. Honse should pass out at her house for Halloween. The winner was definitely Twix. When we were done a little boy in the front raised his hand and said, "but I don't know where you live!" I thought it was the cutest thing.

I can say wholeheartedly that teachers have a hard job, sure they get the summers off if they want them and a good amount of time off for Christmas and Thanksgiving but that's because they DESERVE it. I can honestly say that from the few days I've subbed. I mean I am exhausted when I get home.

Also did you know that itunes songs are now $1.29?????? When did that happen? Slowly there are less and less things you can get for a dollar! :(

Happy Monday.


  1. That hair comment cracked me up! I knew you would have some funny stories from subbing! :-)

    Girl, the iTunes thing disappoints me too. I'm gonna go broke downloading the Glee songs each week if they keep bumping up the prices.

  2. Ahhh yay! I'm sure the kids love you! All I ever want to do after school is go to bed!


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