October 21, 2009

Just a few things

Hello blog friends. I only have a few things to share and a question or two.

First things first. I want to share a very important adult lesson I learned. ALWAYS carry cash. If not, this could happen to you. You finish a day of substitute teaching in a suburb you've never been too, you eagerly get in your car ready to see your puppies and change clothes. You turn on your GPS only to realize that it sucks and you may never get home. It finally comes on and leads you towards home, as you take the right to the bridge as your faithful GPS tells you, you realize that there is a toll ahead and no place to turn around. Why do you need to turn around? Because you DON'T have any change or cash to pay the toll. Too late, you're stuck, yup stuck. (Thanks GPS for the heads up.) You pray that some miracle will happen and the person in front of you is feeling gracious enough to pay for the car behind them or that the tollbooth person is feeling extremely nice today..........NOPE! Neither of those fantasies comes true, but what does happen is the very NOT nice tollbooth lady makes you feel stupid and looks at you like you should know better. THEN she tells you that she will have to make all the other booths stop letting people through for a moment so you can turn around. So lesson learned always carry cash!

Now for seconds. I joined a league this week where I get to play basketball every Monday, which I'm very excited about since once upon a time I only lived to play basketball. Now heading to the gym on Monday I had all kinds of thoughts, what if I really suck now, or make a fool out of myself? Worse, what if I pass out from being so out of shape??????? Instead this happened, I didn't suck, well at least not as much as I imagined and I actually found a crossover jump shot that would have been nice to have back in the day. I didn't pass out, but I did feel like puking a time or two. Once the game was over I could tell two things, one, this is going to be fun, two, I may not ever be able to move again. I was sore yesterday but I honestly feel like I can't move at all today. So lesson learned.....it's much harder the day after the next day!

And lastly, at what point do you finally stop getting pimples and/or zits? I mean seriously, what do you have to look forward to in aging if you will forever have to live with these horrors!? Is this a problem for anyone else or were you all blessed with great skin!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. How about reading road signs...Lesson learn. I'm excited for you for starting basketball...keep it up. Your body won't give up on you, only you give up on yourself. Love, Sis

  2. Amen to carrying cash. P.S. I never do. Note to self: I must remedy this. :)

  3. I hate toll booths! One time, I went in the "change only" lane on my way to Tulsa and the toll booth lady from another lane had to help me out. At least she was nice about it though.

    I still break out - it's from stress! (and probably chocolate, but I don't care about that)


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