October 29, 2009

This is for my friend Brianna!

I just found out my friend Bri, from high school, reads my blog! Yay for me. That makes me happy. However, she also said she gets bummed when she checks it to see that I haven't made a new post. So Bri, this new post is for you. I know the feeling, I often check some of my regular blogs a million times a day to see if they have new post. Can we say I need a job?

I've come to realize that although I really enjoy the flexibility of subbing......sometimes, I want to rip my hair out. I mean come on people, I wasn't born yesterday nor was I born a million years ago. I haven't even had my ten year reunion. Yet, somehow these kids, I'll call them that because although some of them may be 18 they sure don't act like it, think I'm Stupid with a capital S. Here is some of my day.

Uh, Miss.......Miss.......uh, Miss.......what's your name again? This happens literally a million and one times a day. Know that I write it on the board as big as I can.

Student: Hey teacher what's your name?
Me: It's on the board.
Student: Oh Ms. Horse?
Me: Cute, but that's not an r.
Student: Really?
I look at the white board to realize that someone has changed my n into an r. Clever, no really. Like I've never heard that one before.

I REALLY need to go to the bathroom. All day everyday I hear this at school.

We don't do it that way. I usually answer with, "really, well lucky for you I like to try new things." I find that it really annoys them and I get to smile for a brief moment.

Can I please go to my locker, the gym, the library, where ever else they can think of. And then I say, "Let's play a game. What do you think I'm going to say?" HINT it will probably be NO.

Honestly I can't remember being this way to a substitute teacher. My regular teacher, sure, that person knew me, but not the sub. Maybe I was like that. But I like to remember myself as the girl who really did have to go to the bathroom, or really did forget her notebook in her locker. :)

All in all, I can say that this chance to substitute teach is a blessing because I get to see the sweetest most well behaved children and young adults as well as the horrible, can't even stand to think about reading ones. And it makes me all the more thankful to the teachers that are out there everyday making a brighter future out of them. I'm thankful for the parents who ARE involved and because of that have children who WANT to learn and grow into productive people. And I'm even thankful for the children that can be mean, horrible, and rotten because I know that one day they can be a better, stronger person. When it comes down too it I have learned to really value education.

Oh and I just found out that Jake won Hornet's tickets.............woooohoooo. First home game of the season and we get to go! Pictures to follow.


  1. I can remember only being mean to one sub, and it was because she was mean to us.

    It was really bad when she subbed for the coaches. During practice time, she would want to make us run, we wanted to scrimmage.

    One time she made us all get out on the baseball field and tried to make us run laps around it. We all ran to the other side of the field and then laid down in the grass. We knew she would be too lazy to walk out there to get us, and all she did was scream at us to get up and run. We acted like we couldn't hear her across the field. LOL

  2. Have kids gotten worse over the years? I think so. The ones in college now annoy me sometimes too. I'm proud of you for being clever and standing up to them though! I would probably run out of the room crying or end up hitting somebody. ha!


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