November 15, 2009

So this is Christmas

Okay, it's not Christmas yet, but my house seems to think so! Since we will be gone the week of Thanksgiving, I had to get the house all Christmas ready for when we returned. Jonnie, why not just decorate when you get back you ask. Well I can't because we will have our very first house guests in town!!!!!! Our good friends from Little Rock, Keli and Abram are coming to visit. So we'll be busy with a fun-filled week and an Arkansas vs. LSU game. (Wooooooo Pig Sooooiie)

I don't mind having to decorate early because I LOVE CHRISTMAS as does my very best friend Jamie. In fact if I were in Fayetteville right now, our time together would be spent riding around singing Christmas songs very LOUDLY and watching Christmas movies. Oh and we would convince our other best friend Rachel that she totally needs to put up her baby tree!

One day I hope to have a HUGE 7 foot tree! A girl can dream, right?! Anyways...I hope you are all preparing for the next best holiday Thanksgiving! I love this day also, just not quite as much. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food induced coma in the middle of the day and Jake and I have a standing tradition of going bowling! We love it, we always invite others to go, but for some reason it always ends up just being us. It's so much fun, because there are only 2 or 3 other groups there! This is something we plan on making a Thanksgiving family tradition! Do you have a special Thanksgiving tradition? I'd love to hear about it. Hope you all have a great Monday oh and hop on over to Sunshinemeg's and give her some love, she is officially a married woman! Congrats again Sunshinemeg.

Pardon the baby gates. Plato won't stay out of the fireplace and we haven't found a fireplace screen we like yet. We also use one to keep them in the kitchen while we clean. AND I need to find stocking hangers.

It's nothing special but it's ours! Didn't mean for the broom to make it in the pic.


  1. You two are hilarious. I love ya'lls Christmas posts. And your tree looks beautiful.

  2. I love the tree! Perfect! I'm so glad it's up! :)

  3. Oh baby tree, big tree, and garland on the mantel is all ready for Christmas!!!

  4. Oh how I wish my hubby would let me decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving!


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