December 1, 2009

Brrrrrr....and yuck and the Hogs

It is freezing in our house! FREEZING. I'm sure you are thinking just turn up the heat. Well I would but I live with one of the most frugal men in the world! (I'm over exaggerating a wee bit). But he seriously doesn't like to turn the heat on. Crazy I know. Well we had company this weekend so he finally did, but he won't turn it above 65 degrees. So everyday when he gets home I say, "Babe, it was so cold in the house today!" And he replies with, "Well, did you put on a jacket?" Yes, like it's totally normal to walk around your house with 17 layers of clothes on....silly boy! But I love him anyways.

And it's gross out! It's supposed to rain here for the next few days....boooooo.

So we had guest this weekend (like I mentioned before) and we all got to go the the LSU v. Arkansas game! Wooooohooooooo. I wanted nothing more than for us to win, especially since we now live in LSU land (New Orleans is close enough to be too close). Sadly we did not win, but I do look forward to a great football team next year!

We were all pretty worried about going to the game to say the least. We've experienced (in Little Rock) and heard horrible LSU fan stories. But to our delight, it was SO not the case. Actually it was quite the opposite for the most part, excluding the very angry-looking gentleman who honk at us the entire time he was flipping us the bird. BUT then an amazing thing happened, a car full of LSU fans slowed down, rolled their window down and............offered us a free parking pass. Now for the longest time we debated about whether it was legit or not and decided we might as well find out. Well, it was and it was so close to the stadium. Our original 2 mile walk turned into about 2 blocks! AMAZING! And once inside, many fans asked if we were being treated okay and wanted to stop and talk to us. It made for a very fun experience, except for that who losing in overtime thing!

Yay for 25 days til Christmas!!!

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  1. I'm glad they were nice! I've heard all kinds of stories about how they are horrible to fans. Glad to know they're not all true!


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