July 28, 2009

I'm never ceased to be amazed!

No, really....I'm not only easily entertained, but I'm easily amazed. I don't consider these bad traits by the way, I actually think I enjoy life a little bit more because of these traits. And today I'm amazed at how a song, a smell, an object can make you think of the most random, distant thing, person, or place. I mean isn't that just crazy to think about. Normally it's a song that takes me back to that moment and it never fears to feel like it was yesterday. So here are some of the things that I've thought about lately just because of some simple song.

Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks always makes me think of when I was packing for college and I had so many emotions about everything and I just started crying while I was packing when this song came on. I can remember standing in the hallway taping some boxes up.

Since You Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson reminds me of my first time going to Memphis. It was for New Year's and it was a blast. My friend Melissa and I rode together and the whole way there we really wanted to hear this song and NEVER heard it. Amazing considering we listened to every radio station we could. AND the whole way back we NEVER heard it. Melissa drops me off at home and all the sudden I see her hauling butt in reverse. I thought something was wrong, but no.....the song had finally come on. (Sorry for the crappy video, it real video won't let me embed it).

You were mine by the Dixie Chicks reminds me of my sister. She had just moved out of the house and moved all the way to Houston. I missed her so much and she had just bought this CD right before she left. So everytime I heard a song off it I was sad.

I could honestly make a book about all the songs that remind me of good and bad times. I am glad that every now and then I can hear a song on the radio, at the store, or out on the town and think of some of my favorite people and moments. What songs remind you of someone, something or someplace. I'd love to hear. Besides I'm not convinced that I actually have more than 5 people that read this blog. I should work on that.


  1. I am the same way about songs! And smells. This makes me want to do a post about songs too!

  2. The Dixie Chicks Song touches my heart. You know how sometimes there are songs that you just feel, deep down inside? That's one of those. And it brings thoughts to my head that amaze me! Ha!

  3. I'm the same way!
    Madonna- Ray of Light = Driver's Ed and
    Lifehouse- Hanging in a Moment ALWAYS makes me think of my senior year. LOL

  4. I am the same way!! I love how just one song can take you back and make you relive one specific time of your life or one person!


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