July 19, 2009


Update: The neck is doing better! Still haven't had a good night of sleep, but at least I can turn my head from side to side....even if it is really slow and I look ridiculous! :)

So tonight I accomplished one of my new short term daily goals. I made dinner! I love to cook, however I am not very good at it, which is funny since my mom is a wonderful cook, my sister too! I guess I just didn't get the gene, so I'm trying to teach myself now. Lucky for Jake he gets to be my genie pig and he's very good at it.

On the menu was Shepherd's Pie. I have now made this twice and I think it will be a staple dinner for me, Jake seems to really enjoy it and I have to say I like it myself. I actually look at two different recipes and then make it up as I go. One of the recipes I use is Rachel Ray's. I'm going to try and show a recipe every week of something I made that turned out good.

So I need to work on my presentation. By the way, can anyone tell me why when I try to upload a picture on blogger it always loads them to the very top of my post? It's very hard to get it to where I want it to be, I have to edit in HTML which usually messes something else up! Happy Monday!


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