June 9, 2009

Come on people get it together!

Jon and Kate on Jon and Kate plus 8 that is! I used to love, love, love that show. Now with all the recent controversy and the not talking to each other at all I'm so very sad for them and their future. Lame huh? I'm sad for a family I don't even know.....yup, I sure am. Which leads me to this very random yet fitting point.

Growing up as a child I always thought that there would be ONE prince charming for me. Well I found him (so I thought) my junior year of high school. Oh silly me!!!! After my heart was broken and of course I never thought I would be able to live without him I came to my senses (well I actually went to a small town in Pennsylvania, which I like to call my senses). After this point I found that there were lots of nice boys in my college classes, working beside me at work and just wondering the streets of Fayetteville. Get to the point you say. The point is that there may only be ONE prince charming, or there may be SEVERAL potential prince charming's. I am a firm believer that there are a number of men, boys, guys (whatever you want to call them) that could be "the One". But it all depends on which you find at whatever point in your life that works with what you see in your future. Does that make any sense? For instance sometimes I think about what I think my ideal prince charming would be, well successful duh, financial secure, responsible, outgoing, easygoing, handsome, etc., etc. I think you get the point, we all have an idea. BUT I'm convinced you can't exactly get 100% of that..........at first. You grow to love someone, you love them when they make you angry and when you feel like not loving them, you love them for the quality they don't have AND for the ones they do. My point is yes I believe that fate is part of love as well as what you are willing to sacrifice to find it and timing.

So like we all know......................get off your butt Jon and Kate and work at making your relationship work, you put yourselves in this situation and you can definitely get yourselves out of it!

Hahah, hope you enjoyed the vent session about Jon and Kate as well as the random snippets of how I view relationships.

By the way, I found my prince charming, who is now officially a licensed CPA.


  1. John and Kate DO need to get it together. Come on people!

  2. I agree with you on the working to love one another. It is not all roses all the time, but in the times that roses appear - I'll take it. Good with the bad right? Accepting someone for who they really are is what real love is. Love the post, lady!

  3. I'm sad too! I love them and that show. Seriously, with 8 kids, there seems to be a little bit of an incentive to make it work.


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