June 23, 2009

Better today

I am feeling much better today. I admit I woke up this morning still feeling crummy and down, but I did some packing and then headed to my sister's to see Austin. And that made everything better!!!!

So I read yesterday that while you are in between jobs you should volunteer so that there's not any gaps in your resume. And since I don't have a job in New Orleans yet, I believe that that is just what I will do, besides, I love to volunteer and don't do it enough! So I'm also feeling better that I have somewhat of a plan.

Well tomorrow is the halfway point, Jake and I will be halfway to our moving date. So strange! Okay well I hope you are all staying as cool as possible and having a wonderful week so far! Here's a handsome man for you to look at!


  1. He really is pretty Jonnie. My gosh.

  2. Volunteering is a great idea! Have you looked into any jobs at universities down there?


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