June 22, 2009

I can't sleep

I can't sleep and I am feeling very low tonight. I keep thinking about moving and leaving my handsome new nephew and my great, great sister and all my wonderful friends! Not to mention the stress of being jobless and all that comes with that. Don't get me wrong I'm very excited for my new adventure, but I've always been emotional when it comes to change, whether it be good or bad. I'm sure I was the only person getting ready to head off to college that cried like baby while she was packing! I mean most people are excited and anxious and ready and I was sad to leave the smell of my house. Don't worry I adjusted just fine and I'm sure I will this time too, they always say that change is inevitable and so I want to embrace it but it can be hard for me, even when I WANT the change. Besides feeling low, I have so much to look forward too, having the opportunity to find a job in a field that I want, my best friend Jamie is getting married on the beach in like 11 days and all the yummy in my tummy food, not to mention amazing culture I will be around. BUT it's gonna be different. I've spent years getting to know the people in my life and I cherish them and I will miss them. Okay enough of me being a sap.

What about the horrible news of Jon and Kate plus 8? Very sad.

Bright note, my mom will be in town on Thursday and I can't wait to beg her to make me all kinds of good Thai food!!!!! YAY Mom....thanks in advance.


  1. Soooo sad about Jon & Kate. :(

  2. You will be fine! I feel the same way about change.....and that's one of the reasons I hate New Year's every year. Why say goodbye to something that was great only to start something new and unexpected? I bet you will love NOLA though and will meet all kinds of fun new people to add to your life too!


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