June 11, 2009


Unfortunately I was not blessed with the gift of patience. Really that's unfortunate for everyone around me! :)

My sister went into the hospital this morning at 7:00 AM. And I am IMpatiently waiting for her (or just any) phone call at noon with an update on if the baby will be coming today and I can go ahead and make my way to the hospital! So please pray for my sister to have her baby today, a healthy, happy one and for me to find some patience because if he DOES decide to make his debut today, he may not be in any kind of hurry to do so.

Also I didn't really watch American Idol but I did watch the finale and I must say Kris Allen is a cutie and I heard his song on the radio this morning. NICE!


  1. Good luck! Sending good ju ju your way auntie-to-be!


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