September 23, 2009

Deep Thoughts

So I've been applying for jobs like crazy....any job. And the I keep getting the same answer. "We're just not hiring at the moment." Okay that's fine, but I mean hearing that every time is starting to get me down. And then today happened!!!

Yes, what was different about today? Nothing, except I finally realized that I have a great opportunity here. I have the opportunity to be anything! Yes, I have the chance to do it basically all over again (in a sense). I mean I can't get a job, which means that I have the opportunity to try out anything my heart can dream! This is amazing to me. It's a brand new start. Not one person can tell me that I can't do something, or that my idea is stupid, or unachievable. Why? Because my friends I am at the bottom. I have NO WHERE to go but up! I heard on the radio the other day about a famous comedian (who of course I can't think of at the moment) who got into the business because he said he had reached his lowest point. He lost his job, his wife left him, he had nothing, nowhere to go. And he found joy and comfort in laughter and so he said to himself "why not, I have nothing to lose." And he was right. So what if I fail? I'll be right back where I started and I'm okay with that because I can say I tried.

What would you do if you had an opportunity basically do whatever your heart could dream. I mean this with your current situation. For instances you would still have your significant other and kiddos to think of, but for the most part you had no where to go but up. What does your heart desire?

I know I seem to be talking about the serious parts of my life right now which can be a HUGE drag. I promise it will get better! I just want to share my thoughts. I've got to put them somewhere, why not share them with the world. I hope your hump day was great!!


  1. I am always so inspired by your positive attitude! I'm not sure what I would do if I suddenly had the chance to do anything... maybe be a personal shopper? :-) haha

  2. Hope you find something that you love! If I didn't have kids, I would have a job where I could travel.


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