September 17, 2009

Dinner Spanakopitas

I'm delighted to be participating in my first EVER "Show Us Your Life" over at Kelly's Korner!

I saw this recently on the Food Network show, Barefoot Contessa. I have to admit that her show isn't my favorite BUT I do love her cookbooks. They are great! And so is this recipe if you love spinach. When I saw the recipe I thought it would be too complicated for me, but it's super easy, however you will need to devote a little bit of time to it. Still it's worth it. So enjoy. I am just going to link to the actual recipe for Dinner Spanakopitas to make it easy, but I will upload my pictures and let you know that I substituted slivered almonds for pine nuts. I'm not a big pine nut fan, but thought a little crunch would be nice, so I tried almonds and I probably could have added some more. I actually only ate one of the spanakopitas that I made and froze the rest for a rainy day. I loved the melted feta cheese with the spinach....yummmmmmy! Thanks for stopping by.

Side note, do NOT be afraid of phyllo dough. It was my first time using it and I actually impressed myself! :)

There are two things I learned from writing this post. #1: It's NOT easy to take pictures of food and make it look good enough to eat. #2: #1 might be because I need a better camera!


  1. I'm making this soon. I love spinach and feta cheese! I'm impressed Jonnie. ;)

  2. Love phyllo dough and this looks so good! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. oh how I LOVE this Greek dish!! One of my favs!!


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