September 15, 2009

A quarter century crisis

Yes, I think that would be an appropriate name for my situation. Forgive now for the random thoughts that are about to follow.

I believe that no one should be with someone if that means changing who they really are. Or if they aren't/can't be their best self. (Disclaimer, this has nothing to do with my relationship, just thoughts I've had recently).

Will I EVER get a stinking job??????????????????? How long can one person be broke?

Is it ever really too late to pursue your dream? No, I don't think so, but does it still apply if your dream is always changing or growing? I still hope the answer is no.

When do you really figure out what you want to do with your life, is it when you finally find it? Or do most people just settle for a job they are content but not happy with? Because this girl won't stop until she finds what really makes her happy.

What's crazy to think about is that almost every feeling or thought that I've had about relationships or love or life in general someone else hundreds of years before me probably had too, just according to the generation they were living in. It blows my mind that once upon a time, Abraham Lincoln thought his heart was so broken that he didn't know if he could bare to take another breath. It equally blows my mind that as much as I will try to prevent these same feelings for my children they will still experience them.

Do you truly think that there is someone out there that has no regrets? I would do my life all over again the exact same way but that still doesn't mean I wouldn't have some regrets!

Do you ladies ever think about adopting kids? Just wondering.

And finally I will sum up my random thoughts with this. I have the best sister, nephew and brother-in-law that any one girl could ask for. I love my sister with all my heart (I know I've mentioned this before). Sometimes I think about feeling sorry for myself because of things (by things I mean feelings and emotions) that I lacked from my parents and I realize that God gave me those "things" through my sister. Someone to laugh with, someone to look up too, someone to support me, someone to tell me that yes boys aren't always nice, but you deserve better, someone to sing me to sleep when I was scared at night. Someone to love me for me. So thank you God so such a wonderful blessing! And thank you sister for being that blessing.

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  1. I think about adpoting all the time. I've decided, I would like to have 2 of my own, and if they are both the same sex, I'd like to think about adopting one of the opposite sex!


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