September 16, 2009

Taken for granted

Since moving, I've been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching (as I'm sure you could tell from my last post). And here are a list of things I realized I have taken for granted.

My car. Someone tried to steal my car a little while ago and it was out of commission and cost me $500 to get fixed. I used to constantly complain about how crappy my car was and it was always trashed. Well not anymore, I gave it a good cleaning the other day at my sister's and will keep it that way.

My ability to pay my bills and my job. I kept thinking while I was working in Little Rock about how I needed to find a better job, how I wasn't at a place I envisioned myself being at career wise, when in actuality I was in a great position that had tons of potential. I also used to complain about paying the I worry I won't be able to pay them.

Dreams. I somewhere, somehow forgot how to dream and set goals for myself. Something that was always going on in my head. I attribute this to my lack of finding a job and just letting myself get down, but no more!

My health. I used to be the most active person AND I enjoyed it. I haven't treated my body very well and that needs to change!

The ability that God gave me to make something of myself. Lately, I have felt lost, without a clue, feeling sorry for myself and as I was driving home today it dawned on me that I used to possess this amazing ability to turn negative or potentially bad situations into good things, opportunities to grow. I haven't done that with my current situation and I'm a little ashamed. I always get so upset when I see people who act or say that they deserve something in life (money, wealth, love). I mean we ALL deserve to live our best lives, but it's also up to us to use what the good Lord gave us, our abilities. And for a last couple of months I've been moping around thinking that I deserved for someone to just give me a job....ahhahaha. Silly me, I guess I forgot what hardwork was too! So I am coming home with a new attitude and I'm ready to embrace the adventure.

Hope you are too!


  1. You have the coolest, thoughtful posts. I feel that was A LOT, about all the thinking... then feel guilty for feeling certain ways.
    It will get better, I promise!! =)

  2. The background of your blog is sunny...just like you! Whenever you are feeling down, just think of me and Jamie attempting pull-ups at my house. :)


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