March 9, 2009


Can lunchables be considered breakfast? I hope so! Cause I had one just now. I know that eating breakfast is a very important part of the day...and I've always been a big breakfast eater so I'm fine with eating it. My problem comes into what to eat for breakfast! I mean I eat cereal and oatmeal (sometimes I eat oatmeal). I also sometimes eat breakfast bars and breakfast drink mixes, but that gets so old especially since I 80% of the time just eat cereal. I know most of you are thinking eat some fruit, well I do that too!!!! So any suggestions/recipes/thoughts would be appreciated! (Which should be interesting because I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog :)

I haven't gone to the gym in 2 weeks....what's my problem? Well there are a number of problems but the most logically one which really doesn't make any sense, is that I'm afraid I won't be able to lose the weight or keep up with my habit changes. So I guess basically I'm a scaredy cat! Anyways....not much to share. Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend.

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  1. Go to the gym, it's fun once you're there!!!!! :)


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