March 11, 2009

Why does it seem so easy?

To do take the easy way out? I mean for the past 6 years I have managed to take change my life into a life of convenience. And it amazes me. What happen to drive, motivation, inspiration, dedication, focus, want? Where o where did it all go? The first thing I did today when I got home wasn't change my clothes and grab the puppies for a walk, or jump in the car to head to the gym. Nope I took a shower?????? A shower? Really? I mean I already showered once today! I continue to make excuses as to why I can't eat right or can't make it to the gym or get a work out in at home. Oh I've got to run errands at during lunch today, so I'll grab something fast. Oh I really need to do laundry, clean the house, etc. But the only real good excuse I have is that if I'm not going to go to the gym or get a workout in, then I better be doing my school work!!!! That is the only GOOD/REAL excuse that I have, but too bad that I don't do that either. So let's see what I can do to get my life self started. I'll check back in tomorrow with the list I've come up with to start out with some small changes.

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