March 10, 2009

How did I arrive here?

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I have officially decided to make this blog a record about my journey to make life changes. Mostly changes regarding weight and my personal health but also my journey to be a better me and how I can do my part to help anyone and everyone. I want to be happy again, truly, blissfully happy. I felt like I was once that way and I miss it, I know if I apply the right attitude to my life, I can do great things and find that happiness. Oh don't get me wrong, I have a very blessed life. I have two wonderful puppies who love me, a house to live in, a job, food to eat, the best friends a girl could ask for, my very first nephew on the way, a very trying but wonderful family, and of course the best part of all I have a wonderful boyfriend to share it all with. But I'm not doing any of them justice. I'm not being that great friend for them, or that wonderful girlfriend, aunt, sister, daughter, employee......why? Because I don't feel comfortable in my own skin. I don't feel like the person I envision myself to be. And because of that, I haven't been living up to my potential.....pretty lame excuse huh? But I by no means want a body like this........

More like I want this person/body back........

I know it's not a body shot, but it's happiness all the way.

The reason I named my blog "But she has a great personality" is because it never fails that when a friend (my mine necessarily) is asked to describe the big girl friend, it ends with "but she has a great personality". So there you go. I look forward to hearing from you as I venture on this journey!

So I hope you will join me as I try to conquer myself!

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